• Great vapor quality
  • Multiple temperature options
  • Sliding shovel


  • Doesn't hold much
  • Needs cleaning often
  • Buttons could have more tactile feedback

Final Verdict

The Atomic9 is perfect for vaping on the go but don't expect to do a lot of sharing. The chamber only holds a small amount at a time before having to reload and sometimes you'll have to second guess if you've pushed the operation button hard enough to register. None of this hinders the Atomic9 from being a long time favorite.

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To think, we now have the luxury of being able to choose from a number of different vaporizers to fit any given situation. May it be for portability, aesthetics or something to just get the job done. It’s possible to get the perfect device without going broke in the process. 

Cloudious9 has played the function vs. design game well with their latest offering, the Atomic9. While there’s not much that can be said about it’s looks, the vapor itself and user experience more than justifies its place as one of the most versatile vaporizers I’ve ever come across. It takes the essentials of medicating and executes them perfectly. All this in a small form factor for under a hundred bucks? It’s a tough job but Cloudious9 got it done.

Usage is typical of a dry herb vape pen, You load the heating chamber turn it on and wait for vapor production. After a few uses, I can testify that the taste and potency is on par with much more expensive vaporizers. 

Let’s get back to the design. While I mentioned above that it’s not the flashiest or eye-catching, it’s not for good reason. The Atomic9 is meant to keep a low profile. It comes in a choice of two different colors, black and gray. Each made of a smooth, matte aluminum finish with a black single multi-purpose button. It’s handy but be sure to keep the manual at the ready until you have all the functions memorized.

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If you’re in the market for a device that can easily be thrown into a pocket or bag without much worry, the Atomic9 wins on all fronts. It’s light, compact, doesn’t smell and medicates nearly on the level of devices costing almost four times as much. You won’t get many oohs and ahhs but with care the Atomic9 will last for a very long time.