• Controls provide a realistic experience
  • Great for trips and commuting
  • Awesome roster of vehicles


  • Could be too difficult for younger kids
Price to value

Final Verdict

It's a great game but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone younger than their tweens. While Construction Simulator is at its core a building game, it also focuses on the business of construction. This along with realistic controls make it a great choice for the Switch. For 20 bucks you can't go wrong.

CS2 Profile Screen

One of the things a lot of us take for granted is the skill of construction. We see it all the time in our daily lives; teams of workers carrying materials back and forth and before you know it, a building magically appears. Unless you or someone you know works in construction, the ins and outs of the business is barely an afterthought. Construction Simulator 2: Console Edition aims to bring that thought forward.

Given the Nintendo Switch’s portability, the simulator genre makes a wonderful match. Sitting at the airport for a lengthy layover? Construction Simulator 2 is awesome for that. Hauling tools and building materials on a flat-bed truck from one site to the next is just the right amount of distraction but it doesn’t require so much attention that you’ll miss a gate number call. Commuters won’t have to worry about missing a stop either since it’s rare that you’d ever get caught in a scenario where you have to wait for a save point for the opportunity to pause the game.

Don’t be mistaken though, this isn’t just a point A to B grind. Construction Simulator 2 made sure to throw in plenty of gotcha-obstacles to keep players on their toes. I found this out the hard way when I flagrantly blew through a red light only to get caught on camera and ticketed. Check it out in the video below. Mind you, this was right after being warned about traffic violations in the tutorial. First day on the job jitters can really suck can’t they?

Visually, the game looks about as good as you can get for what it is. After all, Construction Simulator 2 started out as a mobile app and who are we kidding? No one’s expecting a $20 construction sim to look like Gran Turismo right? Such as the simulators before it, CS2 focuses more on the actual gameplay than boasting the graphic eye candy of the typical blockbuster video game.

Image via Astragon

The control setup in Construction Simulator 2 is a breeze to grasp. Trust me, after going through the tutorial, you’ll be set and off to launch your career in no time. Everything feels natural on the Switch’s Joy Con but I’d advise using the Pro Controller for comfort and better control. CS2‘s fleet of vehicles includes everything from Mack trucks to Caterpillar, STILL and ATLAS models. Every company logo that you’d remember from childhood was licensed and included. Some vehicles handle better than others so expect to make mistakes often. There’s a small learning curve but nothing too hard. Although Construction Simulator 2 is fine for the eyes of all ages, it can and will most likely frustrate younger kids as it did with my six year old. Driving correctly alone was too much to handle for the little one and eventually, he just threw in the towel and watched me play instead. Unless your child is a hardcore construction enthusiast, this wouldn’t be the pick for them to play solo. Ages 8 and up should have no problems. Thumbs up if you’re looking for a fun title that’s educational and easy on the pockets.

Construction Simulator 2: Console Edition is available now for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

Price: $19.99