By now, everyone should be aware of what the video game is and if you don’t, you can bet that your kid knows. The colorful and action-packed Overwatch puts the player into a co-op battle against an opposing team to win a variety of contests ranging from escorting a vehicle through enemy lines to capturing and maintaining possession of bases.

What sets Overwatch apart from similar first person shooter video games is that there’s way less blood and gore, plus winning is a team effort. A player’s character plays a function (medic for healing teammates, heavy gunners, etc.). Also, the level of diversity in the game makes every player feel represented without the stereotypical shtick. Player abilities are balanced and winning relies heavier on strategy than

Following Overwatch‘s already broad, diverse spectrum of characters is their 30th and latest hero, combat medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin. Before his arrival, if you wanted to play the role of a medic (sometimes called a “healer” in some games), the only choice was the character Mercy. Nothing against M-diggy, but it’s good to be able to switch things up on the medical front. I actually love playing a medic and the added combat boost found in Baptiste is a nice touch in my opinion.

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Jean-Baptiste was an orphaned child in Tortuga, Haiti who saw an enormous amount of tragedy and death. Driven by the horrors of his upbringing, a now 36 year-old Baptiste seeks to create a better world with either a “bandage or a bullet”. This flips the medic role into more than just a helper of sorts. Now we healer fans can contribute more to the action besides keeping other players alive to fight.

Baptiste is now available for play on the Overwatch testing server that’s available to any player assuming you already have the game installed on your computer (PC only for now. Sorry console gamers).

For those already not familiar, all you have to do is go to the Overwatch tab in your program and right above the “Play” button is a menu to switch regions. From there, you’ll choose “Public Test Region” and install the file. Once it’s downloaded and installed, hit the “Play” button. Baptiste will be available for play on the characters screen.

For more info on Jean-Baptiste Augustin and his abilities, check out his page over at the Overwatch site here.