The LEGO toy line means something different to everyone but if there’s one thing we all share alike is that the popular building blocks will always spark a feeling of nostalgia. No matter the age, there’s just something about LEGOs that take us to a happy place.

At the company’s Chelsea retail location, Blizzard Software celebrated the release of their Overwatch themed building sets. Prices start at $14.99 and the sets available so far are:

I got the chance to check out the Tracer vs. Widowmaker set and coming in at 129 pieces, it’s a pretty quick build with the end result looking right on point. Fully assembled, the ship is a decent size for $15. It’s large enough to look nice on a desk without taking up too much room.

Along with the new building sets, voice actors Jen Cohn (Pharah) and Lucie Pohl (Mercy) were in attendance with lead writer Michael Chu. As LEGO fans themselves, the trio expressed excitement at seeing the characters that they’ve helped to bring to life, take on a new form as bricked superstars. In fact, it wasn’t until that day’s event that Lucie and Jen got to actually see the sets in-person. “They’re bigger than I imagined,” Jen said. “You see them in pictures but they weren’t as vivid as when you can actually touch, hold and interact with them.”

I posed the question of if they would be open to working on an Overwatch x LEGO Movie and it was a no-brainer. “That would be amazing.” Michael responded. Lucie added, “We’re not against the LEGO Movie including Overwatch. We don’t oppose that at all, that’s all I’m saying!” Now since it’s out there, let’s all cross our fingers that an awesome collaboration like that would come to fruition. For now though, you can pick up your favorite Overwatch hero in LEGO form now from the official website or through your local and online retailers.