When the action-shooter video game Bayonetta released in 2010, it instantly became a favorite with its ultra violent and over the top comical spin on sexiness. Gamers played through a gauntlet of powerful angels as a witch named Cezera fighting to piece her forgotten life together. While mainstream gaming overlooked its entertainment value, the people who “got it” held Bayonetta close to their collective hearts through a sequel and a short anime series.

Recently, the Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies announced that they are taking pre-orders now through March 9, 2020 for their Sega collaboration line of Bayonetta-inspired accessories including a watch, backpack and wallet.

Bayonetta Inspired Watch
Price: ¥30,00 (approx. $300 USD)

Taking it’s design from Bayonetta’s pocket watch. The SuperGroupies’ creation features the same look as a self-winding wristwatch. Flipped over, there’s a see-through hole to gawk at the watch’s inner workings. It’s water resistant solid steel with a leather wristband.

Bayonetta Inspired Backpack
Price: ¥15,800 (approx. $)

The all leather backpack has a look reminiscent of Bayonetta’s domme-ish body suit. It has gold zippers and buckles, ‘Netta’s chains running the front and crest. There’s a laptop compartment and additional pockets on the inside and on the outer sides. Speaking of which, a closer look along the outer sides reveals embossing of the real-life occult language Enochian.

Bayonetta Inspired Wallet
Price: ¥11,800 (approx. $)

As the smallest sibling of the line, the Bayonetta wallet uses the same leather and signature chain embellishment. The inside is shows off Enochian writing and an engraved “Bayonetta” tag.