The Body Shop Has Dude Stuff Too


The other day, Liam and I took a quick trip to the opening of a new Body Shop opening in Jersey City at the Newport Mall. I know, I know, it sounds like mommy stuff right? Well, I figured that while there, we could look for a nice surprise for mom. In the process I came across a section for men’s products as well. While it may not be a surprise for some of you, it caught me totally off guard.

When we got to the mall, there was already a long line of people waiting to get into the store. One of the staffers was handing scratch-off cards that offered an awesome discount for everyone who showed up early. The discounts ranged from $10 to a whopping $500. I wasn’t lucky enough to snag the grand prize but I did get the $10 one. As we walked through the store, I saw the men’s section and grabbed the men’s Maca Root face wash. As a bonus, the Body Shop hooked us up with a camomile makeup remover that I was sure the wife would totally love.

Would I recommend paying a visit to the new shop even if it’s just to see the inventory. The staff was crazy helpful without being overbearing. Also, everything is spaced out perfectly so a stroller can fit through the isles with no problem. I learned about the Body Shop’s latest offering of tea tree oil products that might be a bit much for me but skin care enthusiasts will love. What I loved the most was that I got the information without being made to feel like I was being sold a used car. Check them out if you happen to be in JC. There’s tons of potential gifts for good prices and they’re totally legit.

By the way, I’ll be testing out this face wash and will let you guys know how it goes.