Super Wings Toys Finally Fly Into The U.S.

I’m a huge fan of the Super Wings cartoon. As an avid viewer of anime as well, I can appreciate the subtle nods to the genre. Not familiar with the series? Allow me to catch you up. There’s a team of airplanes that deliver packages across the world. Each episode follows a different plane on an adventure with a kid from a different place in the globe. Itching to pull my son into the mini nerd club, I scoured the web for the toys. I came across a few on some Korean websites but there were none to be found in the United States.

Now, Auldey Toys have announced that they will be putting out the Super Wings toy line and they look utterly awesome. Each character looks exactly like its animated counterpart and even transforms into robot mode.

Pack N' Go (open)

My particular favorite is the Pack N’ Go playset which is comes in a  New York City theme (other cities are in the works). Kids can fly the Jerome character–which also transforms–all around the city to check out sights like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. When play time is done, the city folds up into the red and white package from the cartoon!

Other sets from the Super Wings line include the World Airport Playset that also comes straight out of the television show. It has sounds (be warned), lights and a balance bar that can be attached to Donnie and Jett (included) to simulate flying. Jimbo the dispatcher doesn’t come in toy form but his signature commands can be heard with a push of a button. There’s an elevator, luggage carousel and cargo scale to keep kids occupied for hours.

The Pack N’ Go and World Airport playsets are available now at Toys R Us along with other Super Wings toys.

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