Solo Releases The Velocity Duffel Bag For The Holiday Travel Season


Yup, the holiday travel season is upon us and for families that means packing, unpacking and repacking more crap than you started with. Whenever we travel, I’m usually the carrier of all the gadgets, chargers and other miscellaneous gear so having a tough, versatile bag is super important. The family’s digital entertainment depends on it.

I came across the Solo Velocity bag and was instantly intrigued as it had everything that I need in a good travel piece. There’s padded sleeving for laptops or tablets, a bunch of spacious pockets and even a shoe compartment. One of the things I like the most about the Velocity’s design is that it’s simple and straight-forward. There aren’t any unnecessary embellishments or gimmicks for the sake of trying to look trendy. So far, the Velocity looks like a real work horse of a bag and I can’t wait to test one out to see how it actually holds up in travel.

If you’d like to grab one before my review, head over to the Solo website to pick one up. It’s only 60 bucks and if you drop an email address, you can get it half-off with free shipping.

Click and image below to see a larger version