Shoot Your Child’s Greatest Milestones in Gear 360 Degree Awesomeness

Click and drag in the video below to see the full 360 degrees.

Later this year, Samsung is promising an addition to their growing suite of virtual reality goodness. The Gear 360 is a small, smartphone operated camera that can shoot stills and video in 360 degrees. It’s aimed at regular consumers so there won’t be a need to hunt down an online course to learn how to work the thing. It takes a memory card and can mount to any standard tripod. If you’re too cheap to spring for a tripod, you’re still in luck, the Gear 360 comes with its own mini-tripod that you can sit on a high chair and record the lengths you go through to get baby to eat a meal. By the way, you’ll also be able to stream live video. Perfect for wow-ing the rest of the family in Skype sessions.

Click an image below to see a larger version

(Images courtesy of Samsung Mobile)

There’s no firm release date or price yet but since it’s aimed at us every-dayers, you can expect it to be pretty reasonable. The only downside so far is that it will only be compatible with the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. If you’re about time for an upgrade, the Gear 360 gives a great deal of incentive.

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