This “Seinfeld Set Replica” Is Worth Your Tax Refund

Fans of the classic sitcom Seinfeld will be overjoyed this summer when Artuitive LLC and Warner Bros. Consumer Products ships their limited edition “Seinfeld Set Replica”. Limited only to 5000 made, the set comes with every iconic piece of Seinfeld’s apartment including a working front door (sans a wild Kramer barging in), refrigerator, hanging bike, computer workstation (that we’ve never seen Seinfeld actually use) and more.

To sweeten the deal further, every set comes with a card of authenticity and a piece of the actual prop door used in the show. According to the press release,

Tho. E. Azzari, the TV show’s distinguished Production Designer, provided creative consultation for the project. Azzari, a key collaborator on 168 (out of 173) total episodes, pulled sketches, Polaroids and color swatches from his personal archives to ensure the miniaturized Seinfeld Set Replica was faithful to the original, life-size set.

Azzari’s reaction to the finished product gives you a clear idea of how awesome this art piece is. “Once I laid eyes on the completed model,” Azzari said in the release. “I thought it was amazing. Seeing the piece in all its glory triggered memories of many wonderful experiences working on this now-classic TV show.”

Also responsible for pulling everything together is architectural design firm is Mass Operations, designer Alan Wolfson and overseeing the process, Rvckvs Holdings LLC who are responsible for some of the best collectibles out there.

Pre-orders are open now at an introductory price of $399 with free shipping until March 1. After then, it’ll cost $499 to get one of the coolest piece of television history.

Order now and get more info at the official website.

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