Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Made The Galaxy S7/Edge Phone Kid-Proof

There’s a good reason why there is so much excitement around Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 series. It seems that the company was either expecting the backlash from the S6 phones or did a mad dash back to the drawing board.

According to its specs, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have corrected a number annoyances voiced by critics and consumers alike. Not having a replaceable battery and being unable to pop in a micro SD card were some of the stronger complaints. Well, Samsung has added the ability to expand storage space by adding a micro SD slot–as high as the 125 GB ones out there. There isn’t a replaceable battery but there’s been upgrades to the camera which is supposed to blow the iPhone 6S out the water.

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(Photos courtesy of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)

The best feature of all is the smartphone’s resistance to dust and water. Just remember that water resistant isn’t the same as waterproof, a splash from a glass of juice or drop in the toilet won’t be a problem. Pretending its a surfboard for Optimus Prime will send you back to the store for a new phone.

The Galaxy S7 Edge hits stores March 11 and comes in the colors Black Onyx and Gold Platinum for the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 Edge gives the option of Black Onyx, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. Samsung’s also got a special going on until March 18 where they’ll will throw in a bundle of the Gear VR headset and six virtual reality video games.

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