Review: Vapium’s “Summit+” Portable Vaporizer Will Make You Want To Grow A Beard

I’ve read reviews around the web about Vapium’s Summit+ portable vaporizer and the word has been pretty good aside from design and smartphone integration. While on a critic’s level some of the points may be justified, I decided to see for myself how the outdoor resistant Summit+ holds up in a similar environment to which its being marketed for. I won’t be hiking on the trails of York’s peppermint patty mountaintops but I don’t see why the snow-hammered streets of New York wouldn’t be much different.

For starters, the Summit+ is indeed a rugged device. It has a hard plastic case with a rubber grip on the lower back. I dropped it once on the concrete sidewalk and there wasn’t a scratch. The magnetic compartment covering the herb chamber disengaged but there was no damage. Little did I realize that in the box came a small strap called a Lid Keeper that wrapped around the bowl cover that made it more secure…duh.

Controlling the Summit+ is done entirely with three buttons on the front. One big, depressed button for powering on and off or restarting the heater. Two more slightly raised buttons are located just below the big one raise and lower the temperature. Good thinking on Vapium’s part as the depressed power button will keep the device from bouncing against a phone or keys and turning on. Also, size of the buttons make it a lot easier to use while wearing gloves. A word of warning, wool or any other soft, non-grip-textured gloves will make the Summit+ difficult to handle. If you’re wearing mittens, forget about it. You will have to pull them off to operate the device.

Vapor production is decent, so don’t expect insane clouds. You’ll feel like you took a nice hit but it won’t wow you like some of the more pricier models out there. I do have to say that the taste was way better than I had anticipated. The laser welded, all steel airpath does a great job at maintaining the integrity of the flavor and I would even dare say almost on par with ceramic or glass. Not bad at all for a utilitarian-type portable vape. The bowl isn’t a massive one but again, the Summit+ isn’t a party vaporizer, it’s intended for use on the go for a single toker.

Other notable features of the Summit+include a USB-C charging cable that greatly increases charging speed. The battery life on the Summit+ is incredible. I was able to use it on and off for almost a week without a recharge. It’s also splash and dust-proof making it perfect for getting caught in schizophrenic weather. Surprisingly, the Summit+ comes with a set of two concentrate pads for oils, waxes and the like. I’m not sure who would want to do dabs on rocky mountains but hey, if your tolerance can handle it, more power to you. As far as the app, I’d stay away from it until further updates (it’s currently on version 2.2). It’s just too buggy at the moment. Personally, I’d like to see Vapium scrap the entire version they have now and build an new one with a more user-friendly interface and more useful features like powering the device on and off remotely. Until then, I’ll be going the manual route when operating it.

For $150 the Summit+ is a great vaporizer for venturing out. It’s stealthy, doesn’t leak a lot of smell and is built like a tank. Everything you need is pulled together in a lightweight, awesome unit. It’s not going to rock your world with looks or nerd candy but the Summit+ gets the job done flawlessly. For more information and to order, head over to the Vapium website.

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