Review: Lego Juniors Ninjago “Lost Temple”


Remember when Legos only came in only one type? There were no themed sets and specialty pieces. You got a bunch of bricks to build with and the rest was up to your imagination. While creativity and imagination still drive the fun behind Lego, there are seemingly endless themed sets to choose from. Not only can you come up with your own creations, it’s now possible to recreate scenes from cartoons, tv shows, movies, video games, etc.

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For really little ones that could present a challenge. A child’s motor skills are still developing so a Lego set might be too much of a challenge. That’s why Lego created the Duplo line. The bricks are larger, easier to handle and aren’t as complicated as the original-sized sets. But what happens when your kid gets bored with Duplo and want to move on to the next level? Lego Juniors allows smaller kids (ages 4-7) can get thier feet wet in the the more complex Lego universe without the brick throwing and frustration-fuled tantrums of the bigger kid sets.

We got our hands on the Ninjago themed Lego Juniors “Lost Temple” set and at first glance, it looked like any typical Lego pack. However, like the front of the box reads the set is “easy to build”. The bags holding the 172 pieces seemed intimidating at first but as we started to put everything together, it was incredibly simple and straightforward. If your child is on the younger side of the 4-7 age range, there’s going to be some adult supervision needed for sure. What’s really cool is that with just a little bit of guidance, younger builders are able to participate and see everything take shape as they go along.

Since Lego Juniors are the same size as conventional Lego bricks, there’s the ability to add on to the set you’ve got. Although we put together Ninjago’s “Lost Temple”, Liam thought it would be cool to put picket fences around the entrance to the temple. My guess is that he really wants to be a part of the American Ninja Dream.

The Lego Juniors Ninjago “Lost Temple” set retails for $29.99 and is available at, Amazon, Toys R Us and other major retailers.

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