Razor Adds Wheels To Any Pair Of Sneakers

One of the biggest trends this year is the comeback of classic toys from yesteryear. We’ve seen Cabbage Patch Kids do it, Colorforms, the Viewmaster and others join the ranks of the reanimation nation of toys. Razor best known for their scooters, have released the Jetts Heel Wheels to bring back the feeling of the Heelys sneakers from the early 2000s. Unlike Heelys, Jetts Heel Wheels are an attachment that fit onto any shoe from kid size 12 up to an adult’s 12.

The best feature of the Jetts Heel Wheels are the metal nubs located on the heels. When they come in contact with the ground during movement, they leave a trail of sparks behind to add an extra bit of flair to tricks and showboating moves. Check out the gif below to see them in action.

The recommended age for the Heel Wheels begins six with the maximum weight being 176 pounds of human. Sets come in either neon green or purple (the latter being my personal favorite). You can find them now at your local toy retailer or at the Razor online store for $39.99. Extra spark pads will only set you back five bucks. Not a bad deal for something you can use on multiple pairs of sneakers and it”ll grow with the kids.


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