Razer’s New Firefly Cloth Mousepad Will Make Your Computer Jealous


Yesterday, PC gaming’s leader in top-tier computer and accessories announced the latest addition to their Chroma-enabled line up. The Firefly Cloth is Razer’s upcoming mousepad that offers an alternative to their previously released Firefly Hard. Like it’s older sister, Firefly Cloth promises to deliver “the perfect balance between speed and control” with a fabric texture instead of a hard surface.

As a fan of cloth-based mousepads, I’m particularly excited about the Firefly Cloth mostly because of the Chroma feature which allows you to change up the colors that illuminate beneath it. In addition to having a cool soul glow, it can be customized to “breathe”, pulse or send morse code messages that everyone else’s mousepad sucks. Call me a disciple of the whole RGB fad so prevalent in computers today but this is one piece of gear I’ve got my eye on—though technically it’s really only something to run a mouse over. I’m sold!

Watch Razer CEO Min-Lian Tan give a demo of the Firefly Cloth mousepad here.

Pre-ordering for the Razer Firefly Cloth is open now and will start shipping September 12 for $59.99. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of keeping your kids’ grubby little hands off of it.

Click the image below to see photos of the Razer Firefly Cloth

Razer Firefly Cloth
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