“Raising A Ruckus” Is Everything A Kid Could Want In A Virtual Reality Series

At a preview event for The Art of VR at Sotheby’s in New York City, I had the chance to check out the Virtual Reality Company’s animated short Raising A Ruckus. It tells the story of Jonas and Amy—a pair of bickering twins who are swept away into a wild adventure with a mix of kid-friendly action, dinosaurs, loving parents and an adorable, charismatic dog named Ruckus.

For many who still haven’t experienced what virtual reality has to offer, Raising a Ruckus is a testament to the type of innovative storytelling possible in the medium. Beware though, after watching there will be demands to invest in a virtual reality set-up but if you’re already on the fence, this is a great excuse reason to make the move.

The first episode in the series (more to come as early as next year) first premiered back in May at the IMAX Experience in Los Angeles and has landed on the east coast for audiences during The Art of VR running from June 22-23. Check out The Art of VR website for more information on times and admission. Tickets are $75 but if that’s too steep, you can purchase Raising a Ruckus $3.99 for Samsung VR and Oculus if you’ve got one. Support for other devices are currently in the works.