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Picture Keeper Connect Is The Excuse Killer For Backing Up

Picture Keeper Connect


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One of the most annoying questions to hear when you lose or break your mobile device is “did you back everything up?”

Of course you didn’t.

We hear tech experts tell us  to back up our data all the time but do we listen? Nope. It’s only when the inevitable happens that we think of all the times we could’ve been backing up but came up with excuses not to. Either it’s too complicated or there’s not enough time in a day to do it. The folks at Picture Keeper factored in all of us back up procrastinators when they created the Picture Keeper Connect drive for iOS and Android. Natively, the drive is built to support iOS phones and tablets but with the included cord, you’re able to connect it to a micro USB port.

What sets Picture Keeper apart from similar devices is its simplicity. Other back-up related drives involve connecting through Bluetooth or WiFi and then navigating folders to save your stuff. That’s totally fine if you’re like me and love that level of customization. If you want a fast tap-and-forget experience, then Picture Keeper is what you want. To do a back-up, you install the free Picture Keeper Connect app, plug the drive into your phone or tablet and sign in/up to access the functions  Once in, you have the option of backing up your device to either the Picture Keeper drive or a PC/Mac computer. It literally took me no effort at all to make it work. I tapped “Backup” and PK did its magic. After copying everything, you pop the drive into a USB port on the desktop and dump it all into a folder there.

IMG_1064There was a hiccup when doing a wireless backup. To get it going, you have to download another program called Mobile Helper to enable it. The extra few seconds didn’t hurt but getting the app and desktop program to communicate was a bit tricky. Backing up my iPad and Android phone to the same Picture Keeper account may have confused things but I’m not completely sure. After doing a reset of the desktop software, I gave it another shot using only my Android phone and I still couldn’t get it to work. The towel was thrown after that. For all I know, it could very well be my setup that’s messing things up but I didn’t have a strong enough desire to figure it out. Using the drive to transfer my media is my preferred method anyway.

The Picture Keeper Connect shines its brightest on-the-go when you realize that your phone is nearly full of stuff you don’t want to delete yet. It’s a flash drive (no moving parts) so its safe to bounce around in a pocket or purse and takes up no room. Most of all, it’s a quick and easy backup solution for people who don’t want to fuss with a bunch of settings. Picture Keeper Connect is about as far as you can get in simplifying the dance of backing up your phone or tablet.

Picture Keeper Connect storage is available now at retailers in 16GB ($79.99), 32GB ($99.99) and 64GB ($117.99). Check out their website here. for more info and to order.

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