Paw Patrol Live Is Coming To The NYC Area And Tickets Are Going Fast

Courtesy of VStar Entertainment Group

If you’ve got a kid in the Kindergarten and younger age range, you probably already know quite a bit about the Paw Patrol franchise. The show is about a kid named Rider who solves problems in his neighborhood of Adventure Bay. Backing him up are a team of puppies, each skilled in emergency response and construction. Paw Patrol is filled with age-appropriate thrills and comedic moments along with important life lessons that include the importance of teamwork and helping others.

So why shouldn’t it make its way to the stage as a live show right? Paw Patrol Live is on tour featuring Adventure Bay’s finest and bravest. As the parent of one of Paw Patrol’s biggest fans (It’s a Marshall household), it was a no-brainer to plan a trip to see the show when it comes to Newark, NJ on December 9. Sure, it will be a bit of culture shock for Rider and the pups to come to Brick City all the way from the lush and lavish Adventure Bay but they’ve got a lot of friends here so it should be fine. Note: this will be the only show closest to the NYC metro area.

If you’re in the NYC or northern NJ and know a Paw Patrol fan, you should make you’re way to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark for the show. Don’t worry, it’s safe (located downtown) and only a 20-30 minute train ride from Manhattan on NJ Transit–about an hour on the PATH.

Paw Patrol Live will will also be visiting other cities into 2018 click here for all the upcoming dates.