OdoCare Freshens Diaper Duty

If there was one thing that I wish I knew then what I know now is, it’s the value of investing in an odor controlled diaper basket. My technique now is the ‘ol change him on a plastic bag and roll up the doo-doo diaper trick. It’s relatively mess free but you still have a smelly plastic bag to get rid of immediately.

OdoCare is a line of diaper bins that may look like others out there on the market but instead of special cartridges, any size appropriate trash bag can be used. It’s airtight and can be operated with only one hand. The baby’s room is nothing for one bad diaper to totally conquer but if you live in a major city where space is a luxury, these things really come in handy. The OdoCare bins come in a variety of sizes from the smallest that holds about 30 diapers to Wayans family size that holds around 75.