NVIDIA and Deadmau5 Build A Super Computer

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One of my favorite music artists Deadmau5 teamed up with super duper computer hardware giant NVIDIA to build a hardcore PC. If you’re already into custom computers, you’ll already see how powerful of a machine Deadmau5 is putting together. If you’re not, let me put you on to why this build is such a big deal.

Just imagine your basic store bought computer being a basic toaster oven. The machine that Deadmau5 is building is one of those fancy wifi microwaves that can properly cook a turkey. A good graphics card or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) will allow you to run visually intensive programs without any problems. Especially during a time when creating videos and playing video games is so popular, powerful GPUs are becoming that more important.

NVIDIA hooked Deadmau5 with some of their latest graphics cards, the GTX 1080. Although as of this post, the company has released an even more powerful Titan X card, the 1080 is still a beast that will last for years of upgrades to come. Unless you’re planning on building your very own Death Star, you probably won’t need a Titan X and a 1080 will suit you just fine.

Deadmau5 and NVIDIA chronicled the build in a series of videos that you can check out right here.

Trust me, you don’t have to be a mega nerd to build your own PC. All it takes is a little bit of research and time you’ll have a machine that you can pretty much do anything on.

For more info on NVIDIA’s products, check out the website right here!

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