The A-Team Crash Their Way Into Lego Dimensions

A-Team_BA & Van (4)

As if your kid would know what the A-Team is, Warner Bros. Interactive and Lego have given a nod to us old-heads with the announcement of their new character line up for the Lego Dimensions video game. In this new trailer, the block building darlings revealed the 80s favorite rag-tag bunch, the A-Team.

In the video released at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess introduces the A-Team’s man of muscle B.A. Baracus. Unfortunately, he wasn’t voiced by the legendary Mr. T but that didn’t take away from the sheer awesomeness of B.A. and his signature black van. B.A. isn’t the only member that will be joining the legofied universe, fans can expect to see Murdoch, Face and Cannibal as well later this year.

Lego Dimensions players can pick up B.A. and his van this September at toy retailers everywhere.

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