Legendary Brothel Adds Cameras And Amazon Alexa To Boy-yo-yoing Room


Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada has announced that the adult amusement park for many athletes, entertainers and tech millionaires will be adding a new feature to their list of amenities. On September 1, The legal brothel will open The Sex Tape Room that will allow visitors to direct and star in their own custom adult films. 

Don’t be mistaken, videos won’t be grainy smartphone stuff. The Sex Tape Room includes pro-grade recording equipment. Top of the line cameras, mics and more are scattered about the room and are capable of capturing action from multiple angles. 

“It’s our most innovative offering yet,” Says Dena, the brothel’s madam. “No film crew, no post production, just the client and his courtesan-of-choice directing – and starring in – their very own sex tape.”


The Sex Tape Room’s cameras are all linked to Amazon’s Echo that accepts voice commands. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if someone said, “Alexa, play cheesy 70s porn music.” 

Lovecraft & Kelise Courtesy of Sheri’s Ranch

If you’re wondering who’s working behind the production of the tech-ed out Sex Tape Room set, rest assured, there aren’t any burly pervs playing Peeping Tom in the shadows. A computer randomly chooses camera angles and pieces everything together into a finished, fully-edited video on an SD Card. Sort of like the photo you’d get after riding a roller coaster.

There aren’t any quoted prices but you can bet that something like this won’t come cheap. “All of the ladies are independent contractors, so the cost for creating a sex tape will vary depending on what each individual courtesan chooses to charge for the service,” Dena said. 

Unfortunately, Sheri’s Ranch won’t be able to help you talk your significant other into a wild weekend in the Sex Tape Room so you’ll have to rely on shooting your spicy antics the old-fashioned way.

For more info, check out www.sherisranch.com