Kidrobot Does A Flash Restock of “Mr. Sparkles”

UPDATE: Kidrobot has added some figures to their shop. Get yours now!

Out of the endless classic scenes from the Simpsons TV show, one that sticks out the most is the hilarious “Mr. Sparkles” episode where Homer bears a striking resemblance to the mascot of a Japanese dish washing detergent.

Earlier this year, Kidrobot gave a nod to the satirical J-pop culture dig with their release of the 3-inch “Mr. Sparkles” figure as part of their The Simpsons 25th Anniversary series. Also part of the release was this “Mr. Sparkles” 7-inch figure. If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance.

As of this writing, the order page is reading that it’s “Sold Out”. However Kidrobot confirmed that although they sold out of the quantity they had up today (surely within minutes), there’s a chance that more will be available tomorrow if some additional figures are located.  Keep checking the Kidrobot site with your fingers crossed and payment ready!


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