Oh Snap!: Iso-Snaps Are Just What The Dr. Dabber Ordered


Unless you’re someone who is just into meticulous tasks, the process of cleaning your vaporizers suck. The whole grabbing a swab, fiddling around with the bottle of isopropyl while trying not to douse your loins in flammable liquid flat out sucks. However, it’s a much needed ritual that must be performed regularly to keep your prized lifting devices clean tasting and pretty.

Dr. Dabber who brought us the kick-ass Aurora concentrate pen released one of the smartest products in the cannabis maintenance category. Iso-Snaps are pre-loaded cotton swabs that cut down on the mess and hassle of cleaning out portable vaporizers or anything else that you’d need a soaked isopropyl swab for.

Each pack comes with 24 swabs but trust me, you’ll want to stock up on a few packs. To activate, you bend the swab tip until it snaps and it instantly absorbs the alcohol. Then it’s just a matter of cleaning the piece(s) you need. Once you’re done, toss and that’s it! Until I used Iso-Snaps myself, I never would never have given thought to how much of a convenience they were.

In addition to using them on my vaping devices, I found them useful for cleaning camera lenses and removing thermal paste from computer CPUs.

Iso-Snaps are only $4.95 bucks from the Dr. Dabber website so about 20 bucks will be enough to keep your vapes, pipes and doo-dads from stinking up your stash spot.

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