Industry Experts Weigh In on The Misconceptions of Cannaparenting

Photo by Laurentiu Garofeanu/Barcroft U – Daily Mail UK

The image of parents who use cannabis has historically been a skewed one. Just as all cannabis users, the stereotype of the doped up, lazy do-nothing is one of the many roaches (pun intended) that the community has been working so hard to stomp out. The fact is that cannaparents have been and continue to raise healthy, functioning children. Aside from incidents involving kids getting into an edibles stash, cannaparents are no different from the parent who enjoys a glass of wine or beer at the end of the day. As more people understand the truths about cannabis use and its effects, the culture has gotten more sophisticated. Since it’s become a legit business, more companies are putting out safer products to make it a lot easier to enjoy cannabis responsibly.

Though anecdotal, a simple internet search for parents and cannabis will bring up stories of parents who testify that cannabis actually helps them to be better parents. The effects promote more patience, less irritability and makes it easier to relate to children on their level. As opposed to alcohol which can often do the opposite. I got the opportunity to ask a few high-level (no pun intended) professionals in the cannabis culture about the misconceptions of responsible cannaparents. This isn’t to say that there aren’t irresponsible parents who use cannabis but chances are, they were irresponsible to begin. Cannabis is one of many things in their lives that they can’t control, not the cause. Responsible cannaparents are-a-plenty and along with the proper education on cannabis, I’d say the time is right to correct the falsehoods out there.

“Marijuana can be an excellent way to relax after a day’s work once the kids have gone to bed for the night. Life can throw a lot at you at times and cannabis is a fun, enjoyable way of unwinding after a long day and can help a parent be calmer as we navigate through our days, taking the edge off and managing stress so we can better enjoy the time with our kids.”  —Chris Downey, Creative Director at Dr. Dabber

‘‘The lack of education and success stories from real parents that are cannabis users makes it is easy to support that there’s potential risk. If you are mindful and a high-functioning individual, then as a focused parent you can be more patient, thoughtful, creative and increase the overall fun factor by allowing the best version of yourself. The misconception here actually lies where the average parent today believes to have it “all figured out” and dismiss any of the highly beneficial properties promoted from the use of cannabis. As legalization becomes more widely adopted – the idea on this topic will change for the good.”  —John Bailey, Content Marketing Manager at DaVinci Vaporizer

“There’s a social stigma surrounding responsible adults who use cannabis. Cannabis allows me to be the person I want to be in front of my kid. Calmer. Less anxious. Less quick to react. Further, cannabis is a much safer and healthier option than pharmaceutical prescription drugs.”  —Louis Santillana, Chief Cultivation Officer of Diego Pellicer – Colorado

“As a mom in my late 30s, I don’t have the energy or the desire to stay out drinking all night, or to hit the bong hard. But I do enjoy a quick hit on Friday night after my son has gone to bed. It’s funny to me that cannabis still carries so much stigma, because the reality is pretty boring – way more Netflix and chill than Reefer Madness.”  —Devon Scoble, Content Director at Lift

“The biggest misconception of parents that use cannabis is that they’re inattentive to their child’s needs and somehow made more distant by their cannabis use. Quite the contrary, the use of cannabis often actually puts a parent purely “in the moment” – free of distractions and sent into a state of childlike wonder that can make playtime or learning a truly shared experience. Instead of simply going through the motions, the stoned parent relates to their child in a completely different, new and profound way that ends up bringing them closer together.”  —Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor at High Times

“The biggest misconception is that when I go home from work and smoke marijuana (instead of having a beer or cocktail) is that I am somehow neglecting my children, when in fact, smoking relaxes me so that I am able to put aside the stress of the day and fully engage with my children.  I also think that others assume that just because I smoke MJ that I do so all evening. It takes very little to relax me – a couple puffs or a small piece of candy and I’m good for the night.”  —Tyler Schneider, Director of Operations at Medicine Man

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