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iBesties Aim To Teach Your Daughters How To Boss Up

There’s been a lot of discussion around gender neutrality surrounding toys but the creators of iBesties: Middle School Moguls seem to be on the right track with their team of grade schoolers who build companies on their downtime.

Meet McKenna, Jada, Sunny, Sarah, Ryleigh and Izzy. They each have a different skill set and come together to create successful start-ups. What I love best about this line is that it teaches girls that not only are they good enough to work along side the boys, they can also develop their own. In addition to nurturing a self-starting attitude, it teaches practical lessons in entrepreneurship. Each doll comes with a book that tells the story the particular character that includes a glossary of corporate terms like, “acquisitions and mergers”.

The McKenna and Jada dolls available now with the rest of the iBesties: Middle School Moguls scheduled to release later this year.Price has yet to be determined but for more information, be sure to check out the website for updates.

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