Review: Hyper X Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset


I recently met with some of the folks at Hyper X and got the chance to preview their latest video gaming headset, the Cloud Stinger. It’s a cheaper alternative to the company’s existing line of headsets but doesn’t skimp on sound quality. The rep explained to me that after doing some research, Hyper X found out that a large number of gamers who want a headset but aren’t interested in paying a premium price. The sweet spot in the price point landed around $50 which is how much the Cloud Stinger is selling for.


But is a gaming headset under a hundred bucks worth it? As far as the Cloud Stinger is concerned, absolutely. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from the new headset. I didn’t think it would suck since Hyper X has a reputation of putting out great products but really, how great can a headset at this price really be? Moderate at best right?


Wrong. I took a listen to the Cloud Stinger on the spot and they were mind blowing. I played a few songs from my phone through them and the sound was insane. For all I knew though, they could’ve been a souped up demo model. Hyper X granted me a pair to take home and try out and it was the same thing. I plugged them in to my PC and ran a few missions in Fallout 4. I immediately noticed a huge difference in quality compared to the headphones I was already using to game with. Every voice, explosion and gunshot was isolated and in perspective. Mind you, this was without any special equalizer settings. While I don’t consider myself an audiophile, the Cloud Stinger banged harder than some of my headphones that cost triple the price tag.


There had to be a sacrifice somewhere and I was dead set on finding it. My first thought was that the mic would be the weak link. Nope, I tested it out and it was more clear than British drill sergeant. The mute feature also shined as it only takes a swivel upwards to shut the mic off. The ear cups also swivel so that when my little one interrupted for a juice box, I didn’t have to pull the whole headset off. It’s just a quick twist and all good.


My only gripes about the Cloud Stinger is that the cord is a bit short but that can be remedied with an extension cable. Also, I wished that the mic was detachable so that I could use it on the go with my mobile phone. This headset could easily be my all-around headset but for 50 bucks, that’s nothing but spoiled brat chatter.


The Cloud Stinger is all plastic but it doesn’t feel flimsy. They’re lightweight and you don’t get that tired feeling after wearing them for a long time. The ear cups are made of memory foam which didn’t really make much of a difference for me but for people who are more sensitive to the squeeze of traditional foam cups, they are a blessing. My favorite feature of all is the volume slider under the right ear cup. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but being able to adjust the loudness right from the headset itself is a luxury that you have to experience to appreciate.

With so many gaming headsets out there to choose from, it’s crazy difficult to find a pair that will deliver on as many fronts as the Hyper X Cloud Stinger. They’re comfortable, attractive, sound great and most of all affordable. I’d recommend these to anyone looking to gift the gamer in their life or anyone just looking for a solid headset for Skype or other voice chat software. The Cloud Stinger lives up to its hype and is worth every cent you’re looking to shell out on a headset.

The Hyper X Cloud Stinger is available now for $49.99 and works with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4, PC and mobile devices. Check out the Hyper X website for more info here and pick up a pair here or these retailers.