Honest Marijuana Aims To Clean Up Your Blunts


One of the most long-lived pieces of advice every cannabis consumer has ever heard is to watch out for who you buy from as you’ll never know what’s in it. While the examples have ranged from being pitifully low-quality to being laced with PCP, it’s always in the back of a smoker’s mind, “what’s in this exactly?”

Just as organic, healthier choices have become more readily available in the food industry, it’s no different in cannabis. Gone are the days of leaving the inclusion of pesticides and who-knows-what-else to vague chance, people want to know that the material they’re sucking into their lungs is as clean as possible. With cannabis laws still being on the fuzzy side, there’s still no guarantee that your local dispensary isn’t spraying your favorite strain down with flea and tick killer. Of course you can grow your own but not everyone has the time, money or resources to dedicate to a quality batch. The next best bet is to get your medicine from a farm that is known for growing additive free cannabis.

blunt-blisterOne of the collectives on the forefront of the organic cannabis movement is Honest Marijuana. The Colorado based farm provides chemical-free, probiotically grown, hand-watered, hand-trimmed cannabis. Honest MJ’s most recent offering is Honest Blunts where they roll their super high-quality bud with organic hemp and organic mint sugar leaf.

blisterpremiumAs you can tell from the photos, Honest Blunts come in individual blister packs or a set of six in a stylish, minimalist case. There aren’t any loud, stoner-typical designs or even pretentious “I only shop at Wholefoods” themes. The blunts themselves look sleek and understated, not like the murder-scene of a blunt roll someone like me would put together. So far, it looks like these folks are taking quality seriously and that just sits very well with me.

Honest Blunts will be available at both medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Colorado. The six pack run for about the price of an eighth of bud and come in multiple strains. For more info on Honest Marijuana and their products, check out the website here.

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