Review: The “G Pen Elite” Is The Perfect Pack-And-Go Portable Vaporizer


If the name G Pen sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s last mainstream mention was when Snoop did a collaboration with the Greco Science company back in 2013. In the hood, many thought that the “G” in the G Pen name stood for “Gangster” as applied to Snoop. I’ve even heard people refer to any portable vaporizer (pen or otherwise) as a “G Pen”. That goes to show you how successful the campaign was in bringing low profile, portable vaporizers to the masses.


All vape pens aren’t created equal even if they come from the same manufacturer. Snoop’s G Pen was cool but although the loaded material wasn’t in direct contact with the heating element, there was still a good chance of combustion–something you don’t want in a vaporizer. For that, you might as well roll a joint, hit a bong or smoke a blunt. For concentrates, that heating process was more ideal but not for dry herb.

Grenco remedied the combustion problem with the G Pen Elite vaporizer which I found to be levels of superior above the earlier G products I’ve tried. Instead of putting your material directly on a hot coil or directly above it, the G Pen Elite has a ceramic convection heating element that vaporizes evenly without turning what you packed into smoke. Whoever at Grenco that made that decision happen with the speed it did deserves a huge bonus and a few extra days vacation.

Without going overboard, the G Pen packs a ton of features into a small device. Not only is it compact, it feels very comfortable in hand. At no time did I feel like I’d drop it or that my fingers wouldn’t be able to find the buttons with the device in my pocket. Heating only took about half a minute and by waiting a few seconds longer than when it’s ready, I got some quality clouds and robust taste. I’d say a good rule of thumb for the G Pen Elite is to vape at a mid temperature and then bump it up to get the best session per bowl.

Equally awesome is the fact that you don’t have to pack the chamber tightly like with some others out there to get quality vapor. Not to crap on the devices you have to tightly pack but when you don’t need to shove a bunch on material into a chamber, you get to keep your stash a little longer. Save the pack-hungry devices for those times when you’re able to kick back and truly indulge.

Vaporheads at all skill levels will find much value in the G Pen Elite. It’s simple and just feature-rich enough for beginners and makes a great pack-and-go device for seasoned hitters. I wish the G Pen Elite was around when I first got into vaping as I would’ve gotten everything I could’ve wanted as a newbie without spending as much money. Take my word for it, leave the disposable, combustible pens alone and put the money towards a G Pen Elite. It’s one of the best in class without a doubt.

The G Pen Elite is available now at Vape World and the G Pen website for $145.95

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