Flower Fairies Secret Garden Will Help Your Kids Earn Their Green Thumb

There’s so much wonder and learning to come from gardening. It’s a great way to show kids how the plant world operates along with teaching patience, consistency and how to care for living things.

The Flower Fairies Secret Garden is a collection of figurines and accessories that allow kids to create beautiful worlds with living flowers that they raise from seed to bloom. The figures are based on Cicely Mary Barker’s charming 1920s Flower Fairies artwork and comes as a collection of eight Flower Fairy figurines, stepping stones, doors and more to make the most whimsical fairy world of you or your kid’s imagination.

Flower Fairies Secret Garden retails from $5.50 to $19.99 for the more elaborate gardens. They’re available now along with a variety of other figurines (some of color as well). Check out the Fairy Home & Gardens website for more information and ordering.