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By now I think we can all agree that while all portable vaporizers aren’t equal, the incredible speed in which the technology behind them advances has graced us with many great options. Of course, some devices perform better in certain areas but as a whole they’re all able to get the job done. What we have left are choices dictated more by personal preference like battery life, heating speed, chamber size, etc.

The iconic Firefly 2 vaporizer falls right in line with exactly what vape enthusiasts want in a unit. That’s superb tasting sessions and one of the best units to vaporize concentrates without it being a dedicated unit for them.

Before receiving my review unit, I was excited to find out what all the fuss was about around the Firefly 2. When I got it, I found out exactly why the Firefly 2 has gotten so many accolades. For dry herb it’s perfect for relaxed sessions as well as quick hits on the go but I have to warn newbies that there’s a little more work involved for vaping concentrates.

The Firefly 2 comes with a set of three concentrate pads. What’s great is that each pad is good for multiple uses so you won’t have to worry about re-upping unless you’re a heavy vaper. You take one pad and insert it into the heating bowl as you would with dry material. Then you put a small amount of concentrate (the size of a rice grain) on the pad. Using the free iOS or Android app, you set the preset heat level to “Concentrates” and hold the two touch sensitive buttons on each side of the device and wait a few seconds for the the bowl to glow red. Now here’s the part you need to remember. You must take puffs on the Firefly 2 as you would a cigar. There won’t be any vapor until you do this at least 12 or more times but when the vapor does begin to flow, hold onto your socks. It’s one of the cleanest tasting sessions aside from using a dedicated dab rig. Credit that to the borosilicate glass vapor path that travels from the bowl to your taste buds.

Speaking of apps, it must be said that the Firefly 2 has one of the best mobile apps of all the portable vaporizers I’ve come across. The interface is clean and straightforward with no guessing about what does what. Connecting from my Android phone was a breeze as I was expecting to fall into a loop of restarting my phone, the FF2 or any other pitfalls involved with Bluetooth communication.  My phone found the Firefly 2 each time I revved it up and that’s golden when you want to just start a session without fiddling with temperatures. Let’s leave all that work to when the kids are away for a while and you’ve got some quality alone time to experiment. One thing to remember is that the presets aren’t accessible unless you have the app. So if you were vaping concentrates during your last sesh and you want to vape dry leaves for the next, you will need access to your phone and app to switch temperatures. If your phone battery is dead or your kid decided to turn it into a toilet iSubmarine, you’re out of luck unless you’ve got another device with the app on it.

That’s not enough to be a deal breaker but local control would’ve been nice too. Regardless, the Firefly 2 will remain in steady rotation of your portable vaporizer collection especially since it’s one of the few portable vapes that can handle moon rocks/caviar. Though if you plan to go that route, I’d recommend cleaning the Firefly 2 immediately afterwards to avoid any potential clogs from the oil.

The Firefly 2 is available now for $329.95 at the Vape World website. You can also get more info by heading over to the official Firefly website.

Best for

On The Go

  • Little to no smell during operation
  • Fits into pockets and bags without bulk
  • Fast start up
  • Comes with an extra battery

Home Use

  • About the size of a TV remote and doesn't attract attention
  • Powerful but doesn't take up a lot of room
  • The charging base is small and clutter-resistant


  • The ability to switch heating presets on the device itself
  • More accessories like a water pipe attachment