Those familiar with the Fallout 4 video game will know all about the super rare Alien Blaster.  While not the most powerful weapon in the game, it’s highly sought after because of its connection to popular alien B-movie tropes. I mean, that’s what’s awesome about the Fallout franchise to begin with right?

Created by Triforce—a true heavyweight in the replica game, the Alien Blaster carries a hefty price tag of $399 but if you’re a hardcore fan, there’s no missing detail. Everything has been thrown into this replica from the campy design down to the working LED effects. If you’ve got the dough this is a must get!

Here’s the weapon’s backstory according to the Triforce site:

If the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, Earth has been visited by an alien species on several occasions. These “Zetans” are said to be armed with powerful energy beam weapons that can completely disintegrate enemies. The Alien Blaster pistol is powerful, but it’s also very rare and anyone lucky enough to find one is likely to have trouble maintaining a supply of Alien Blaster rounds. Luckily, it can be modified to accept standard fusion cells.

Pre-0rders are open right now on Entertainment Earth and the official Triforce website where you can drop a $100 deposit. Shipping is scheduled for April 2018.

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