CLOSE UP: Dr. Dabber’s Mini Rig Is Small Glass With A Lot Of Class

Even though Dr. Dabber has made an enormous splash on the market with their electronic products for concentrates, it’s still pretty cool to see the company catering to traditional dabbing consumers. Devices like the Boost and Aurora are awesome and convenient in their own right but you still have folks who enjoy torching up a banger or nail to enjoy their favorite concentrates with a glass rig. Luckily, Dr. Dabber hasn’t forgotten about the OGs.

One of Dr. Dabber’s slickest pieces is the mini glass rig. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’m used to cheap glass from the local headshops. Was it going to be too small? Too fragile? When I did get my review piece, I was instantly impressed with the glasswork. While I wouldn’t be careless enough to toss it around, it’s built incredibly durable for its size. For a family household, the mini rig is perfect for storage and usage.

Speaking to my earlier concerns of size, my fear was that a rig too small would leave me vulnerable to too much of the rig heating up. I’m a self-proclaimed klutz so the possibility of touching a part that’s hot enough to vaporize concentrates is terrifying. Not such the case with this rig. It’s just big enough to handle safely–given a reasonable amount of caution–without frying your lips or fingertips.

Dr. Dabber’s mini rig is also a beautiful piece to just look at and admire. It’s not a complicated silhouette in fact it’s a minimal design but it’s the simplicity plays into the sexiness overall. My plan is to grab one of those LED bong coasters to give it a little extra bling. The percolator at the base of the mini rig should glow nicely while in use, especially with an RGB enabled coaster to match the color of my computer set-up. But enough of my lighting fantasies.

Hits on DD’s mini rig will put any cheap water pipe in the trash. I have to admit, using the mini rig has spoiled me with super smooth vapor and taste. I happened to pick up a glass bowl (10mm size) and smoked with it. The session was awesome however I wouldn’t advise going that route since it’s the quickest way to stain the mini rig’s beauty like I did. With the quality of the glass, some high percentage isopropyl alcohol and epsom salt will bring back it’s crystallized shine. My advice is to get a dedicated water pipe for flowers and save this rig for vapor only. Using a torch is a good look but a non-combustible device like DipStick pen with Dip Whip attachment to heat your concentrates is a perfect pairing.

The Dr. Dabber Mini Glass Rig is available now but as of this writing, the Dr. Dabber website is sold out. Keep checking as they have a restock in very soon.

Dr. Dabber Mini Glass Rig Best Uses

At Home

  • Easy to store away from youngsters
  • Takes little desk space
  • On The Go

  • The glass is strong but you will NEED a case for protection even in a bag
  • Not pocket friendly, don't even try
  • It's beautifully designed so all eyes will be on this rig