FIRST LOOK: Dr. Dabber’s Mini Ball Glass Attachment Does More Than Compliment Your Boost eRig

Just thinking of the skill and creativity it takes to mesh a glass blower’s artistic expression with the function of delivering medicine is mind bending.Even more the fact that some create the glass we love for a decent price. Whether it be a simple spoon pipe or an elaborate water bong, it takes a beautiful mind to design these pieces knowing that most of us will be heating them and filling them with smoke or vapor. What a generous lending of talent it is. This is a wonderful culture indeed.

Dr. Dabber is a company that takes this philosophy to heart when they design their products. Scrolling through their robust catalog shows how much attention to detail they put into creating fine, durable glass. One example is their Boost Mini Ball Glass water Attachment. It connects to the Boost dab rig to cool and smooth out concentrate hits. While doing that, it enhances the rig aesthetically and makes for an amazing conversation piece.

I got my hands on a review unit and upon opening it was blown away by how intricate it was for such a small piece. While it’s size and complexity would lead you to believe it’s as fragile as an egg shell, holding the Mini Ball in-hand assures you that quality was a priority when making it. The Mini Ball is made to be sturdy yet it’s got the look of a high-end bong that ties the Boost unit’s elegant design together.

Not to say that the stock attachment that comes with the Boost is lackluster, in fact it does an awesome job. However, the Mini Ball attachment provides an upgraded experience that one would expect to pay at least triple the price for.

The water chamber on the Mini Ball Glass holds more liquid than it’s stock sister meaning more filtration and cooling. The smoke or vapor gets filtered better from the additional bubbles and also has more room to hang out and cool off. This translates to cleaner, smoother hits but there comes a trade-off. The risk of taking hits that are too big is high especially for those who are used to pulling smoke as opposed to concentrated vapor. There’s essentially no physical feedback of how much you’re taking in so take it easy with this thing ok?

Dr. Dabber is known to sell out their wares quickly but luckily at the time of this writing, the website is stocked with the Mini Ball Glass attachment. For $50, Boost eRig owners can pick up one of the most essential accessories made for it.