Dr. Dabber’s Aurora Vape Pen Is A Magnificent Beast



For many, being able to smoke cannabis for medicinal or recreational reasons takes a huge hit (no pun intended) once they become a parent. It’s possible to go to another room or outside to medicate but having any type of smoke around children isn’t a great idea. For those with infants There’s also that feeling of inappropriateness that comes with a home smelling like a Bob Marley tribute concert. Edibles sometimes work but having curious hands around looking for snacks, makes a cannabis-infused brownie or piece of candy a serious problem. That’s not to mention that smoke is still smoke which can take a toll on your own body.

This is why more people are going the way of vaporization. It’s cleaner, the smell doesn’t linger as long and there is a wide variety of devices that do the job. One company that’s made a name for itself in the vaporizing community is Dr. Dabber. The latest offering from the good ol’ doc is the Aurora pen used for concentrates. A sometimes stronger alternative made from the active ingredients in the cannabis plant.

The Aurora comes in a unique package which while beautiful, gave me a bit of brain tease trying to open. Just so you know, it pulls apart into halves where you see the pen and heating elements. There’s a choice of three. There’s a dual quartz coil, a dual ceramic coil and a circular, ceramic ring. I’m far from being a concentrates expert so I couldn’t tell you the big difference other than their use depends on the type concentrate.

The full Aurora pen kit

I ran my own test with some kief, flower crumbs and wax and all of them blew away my expectations. First I scraped some old keif from my grinder which came out to about an 1/8 of a teaspoon at most. I dumped it into the ceramic ring heating chamber and vaped a huge cloud. There was a little bit of combustion where it burned but that was to be expected. The Aurora wasn’t built for plant matter. However, I was amazed at how much of a cloud I got out of that tiny bit of kief. Same deal with the flower crumbs, there was slight combustion but for the most part I got vapor clouds. I’m sure if I held the button down for longer, there would be smoke but the performance of the Aurora far surpassed my expectations.

As for concentrates, the Aurora surprised me again with not only quality vapor but flavor and efficiency. To start, I loaded in amount about the size of a Rice Crispy. I got about 5 decent hits from it. The taste diminished after the first two and I could start to taste the pen itself. That’s to be expected. I was able to medicate for most of the day without reloading.  My guess is that you can load about a fourth of a gram of concentrate in the Aurora and have a decent cypher with friends. That’s if you trust where their mouths have been. For a device this small and simplistic, smell leakage was not a problem either.

Another plus is the size and design. The Aurora has a minimalist matte black look and the only lights are on the top and bottom of the battery. The lights only illuminate when the pen is active so you don’t have to worry about looking like a Christmas tree when using it. Most of the body of the Aurora is made of aluminum except for the shiny, interchangeable mouthpiece. I’m really impressed by the looks of the Aurora as it doesn’t look like a science experiment from outer space. Battery life on the Aurora is also a mind blower. I’ve been able to use it for about a good five or six sessions on one charge with the heat setting at its maximum.

Where most pens use s screw-on design, the Aurora is magnetic. That sounds like a potential inconvenience but trust, the magnets are strong enough to hold everything together without slowing down reloading or removing the battery for charging.

For folks looking for a a sturdy vape pen that’s discreet and works flawlessly, this is the lick. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a bad thing about the Aurora. Even the price of a hundred bucks is more than fair. I highly (no pun intended) reccomend  this pen as the best I’ve ever used so far. Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed.

To order, head over to the Dr. Dabber website or your favorite headshop.

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