Dipstick Vapes’ “The Dipper” Is Like A Fork For Dabbing

When it comes to using concentrates without a rig and torch it’s been hit and miss for me. Usually the taste is off, the device doesn’t heat the material enough, it’s too messy whatever the case may be. Most of my experiences with concentrates and non-rig vaping were at best decent. Dr. Dabber’s Aurora is enjoyable but loading a dab onto a coil is too much work sometimes. The hits are great but I always feel like Peter from Family Guy trying to get a dead frog into a cardboard box.

Dipstick Vapes came through with a remarkable device called the Dipper which allows you to take a hit right from the concentrate container. This is the perfect, cost-effective solution for people who don’t always want go through the entire dabbing experience. Not to say there’s anything wrong with it but sometimes, you just want a quick quality hit. Parents especially don’t have to worry about locking up torches, sharp instruments and expensive glass pieces.

The unit comes in either chrome or charcoal and is operated by simply pulling of the cap/mouthpiece and placing it on the other end. The only thing left to do is turn it on (with the standard 5 clicks), hold the button down until the tip turns red and enjoy. I seriously underestimated the quality of the hit as I blew one of the biggest, most flavorful clouds I ever did with any portable vaporizer. This was seriously on par with a desktop rig. There’s three temperature settings: low, medium and high. Each are indicated by a blue, green and red light outlining the power/trigger button. The Dipper’s body is light and sturdy but I’d really avoid dropping it on concrete. The shiny finish gives the Dipper a sleek, techie look but I have to warn you, it’s a hardcore fingerprint magnet. There aren’t any insane markings to draw attention either, the “Dipper” and “DIP” logos are laser etched and blend in just enough to make the device inconspicuous to nosy spectators.

Only a tiny bit of concentrate is needed to get a robust hit on the Dipper. As someone who likes to conserve as much as possible, this is a huge plus. Also, cleaning it only takes a bit of isopropl and a cotton swab (see Iso-Snaps). Dipstick throws in a quartz atomizer in the event you want to load a pat of concentrate and go.

The battery life on the Dipper is not the best but you have to figure the amount of juice it takes to get the heating element hot enough. Luckily, charging doesn’t take long at all. About 40 minutes give or take using a computer’s USB port.

Dipstick’s latest offering is a huge leap in the portable vaporizer market for concentrates. The Dipper shines when it comes to ease of use, maintenance and portability. It’s the length of an average pen so it fits comfortably in a pocket or bag. There aren’t any fancy features but it does what it’s supposed to and does it well. I’ll be adding the Dipper to my vape arsenal until DipStick releases the unit’s next version.

You can buy the Dipper now at Dipstick Vapes for $149.99. While you’re at it, you might want to add on the new Dip Whip for hooking up a water pipe for 20 bucks.

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