The Dip Whip Turns Any Water Pipe Into A Dab Rig

When it comes to using concentrates, the Dipper from Dipstick Vapes is a revolutionary device where you dip the heating unit directly onto your shatter, crumble, etc. If that wasn’t convenient enough, team DSV released an attachment that plugs right into your existing water pipe.

The silicone hose has either a 10mm, 14mm or 19mm joint and comes in either male or female. On the other end is a connector that sits over the other end of the Dipper where the mouthpiece goes. Alone the Dipper performs well but with the added cooling from the Dip Whip and water pipe, hits are that much more amazing. You have to be careful though since it’s a lot easier to do too big of a hit. I learned the hard way by hitting it as if it was a bowl of flower. My concentrate was pretty strong so as you could imagine, it did not go well. Go easy with the Dip Whip or you’ll be in for a crazy ride. Unless of course your tolerance is on a hardcore level.

I wouldn’t recommend the Dip Whip for on-the-go use. You’d attract a lot of attention pulling a long tube out of your bag. In the comfort of home or at a private party is the best way to enjoy it. In all, the Dip Whip is a must have accessory for the Dipper. Dipstick Vapes has certainly done it again.

The Dip Whip will be available for purchase on April 25 for $19.99. Hit up the website for additional details and ordering.

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