Review: DaVinci’s New “IQ” Is The iPhone of Portable Vaporizers

The DaVinci brand isn’t a foreign one to cannabis community, it’s in the company of other mainstream names like Pax, Magic Flight and Volcano. To many vaping enthusiasts, DaVinci’s Ascent vaporizer from 2013 was one of the most revolutionary products on the shelves. The Ascent was one of the first to usher in the era of convection-based vaporizers where the material is heated without touching the hot parts of the unit. This makes the vaporization process less likely to lead to burning and provides a more even heating of the material. Add to that, DaVinci improved the flavor profile of portable vaporizers by using a ceramic heating oven and an all glass pathway that got rid of the metallic tasting, smoke that often came with portable devices that claimed to vaporize dry herb.

Quite a bit has happened over the brief amount of time it took for DaVinci to release its latest blockbuster, the DaVinci IQ. Just as you would guess from a name like “IQ” there is an emphasis on the “smart” aspects found on the latest high-end vaporizers. Yes, DaVinci hasn’t given up on it’s flavor quality staple but there’s so much more packed into the IQ that if you’re not a total nerd about your vape sessions or have a need for the sexiest tech, chances are you probably won’t even use most of the features it comes with. Unless of course you do like I did and took the time to experiment.

Adjusting the temps on the IQ are done on the device itself and via an app. You get a digital numeric read by a series of LED dots on the front of the unit. Digital screens have been a mainstay on vaporizers but DaVinci’s flip of the concept is classy and refreshing. The same can be said of the new design as well.

The curved body and matte finish gives the IQ a very upscale look. It’s light but still feels sturdy whereas with the Ascent, there was always the creeping fear of dropping it (like I did) and watching the unit’s screen die like Optimus Prime in Transformers the Movie.

Just to be clear, don’t drop the IQ, it probably won’t end well.

As with the Ascent, the IQ is capable of being attached to a water pipe via the 10mm mouthpiece (included) or 14mm adapter (not included but available on the website). It’s definitely a bonus especially when vaping at higher temperatures. What’s also cool is that the 10mm piece is also compatible with the bubbler attachment on the Nectar Collector® Honeybird. Hook that up and you have water filtration without the extra glass. Speaking of high temperatures, the IQ doesn’t come with the ability to vape concentrates out of the box. If you’re in a pinch though, you can always pick up a few concentrate pads from a headshop or go the organic cottonball method.

With herb, the IQ is a tough one to beat when it comes to taste thanks to the innards of the device. DaVinci went all out by adding a completely ceramic zirconia vapor path to make sure you taste nothing but what you put into the bowl. You taste exactly what the material smells like and you can tailor that taste with the temperature control. Lower temps equate to more taste and it comes through fantastically with the IQ.

At the time of this writing, the IQ app is still in beta which means there are going to be some bugs here and there as they continue to update it. After downloading the [Android] app, I was able to connect to the IQ through Bluetooth with no problem. I experienced a few crashes but for the most part there weren’t too many problems. Through the DaVinci app, you can select four different temperature presets or “Smart Paths”. For vapor nerds who have more specific temperatures or someone diddling around and finds a temperature they fall in love with, the Smart Paths can be customized. If you’re like me and tend to stick to one particular temp, the IQ will remember the last temperature you had and once you power it on, will go back to it. In quick hit scenarios, all you really need to do is turn the IQ on and wait for it to heat up (about a minute tops for me) and indulge.

Smell is at an absolute minima on the IQ. Given that higher temps will increase the odor, I found that anywhere between 370F-410 (187C-210C) is where you get slight to no smell leakage. It’s only until the exhale that you’ll get some aroma. Even with that, unless you’re in a very confined space, you won’t have to worry about the crib smelling like a Wu Tang concert. Also bear in mind that your strain and quality of herb will affect the strength of the smell.

Honestly, I couldn’t find many faults with the IQ. Davinci has really stepped it up from their last release to make a portable vaporizer that does exactly what you’d want it to. In addition, they’ve been able to change the image of vaporizers with the IQ’s sleek and sexiness. I actually find it more attractive than the Pax vaporizers that pride themselves on looks. This is truly the iPhone of portable vaporizers that must be added to your collection.

The DaVinci IQ comes with:

  • A flat tangle-resistant USB charging cable
  • A set of alcohol wipes for sharing
  • A chimney brush for cleaning
  • A keychain tool to keep from losing the one inside the IQ
  • A 10mm adapter to use with water pipes or as a stemmed mouthpiece
  • A scent-proof carry can that you can attach to a keychain and store your herb on the go.

The IQ also has a removable and rechargeable 18650 battery so you can pick up an extra here or at any spot that sells vaporizers and supplies.

You can make the DaVinci IQ yours for $274.99 by ordering at the DaVinci site.

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