This Is What A $1650 USB Flash Drive Looks Like

Backing up data is one of the most important duties that often go neglected in our digital lives.  Countless hardware companies have been releasing storage devices to help make the task easier and as technology advances, these devices have become increasingly smaller and able to hold much more of our precious photos, videos and the like.

While the prices of hard drives have dropped drastically in the past few years, there is a new demand for more portable solutions for bigger storage hogs like 4K video. Kingston stepped in this past February with the DataTraveler Ultimate GT which packs an incredible 2 Terabytes of space in a small form factor. That means for casual users, there’s enough storage for over 250,000 high-resolution photos, over half a million MP3 files and close to 2000 movies. For the more hardcore digital file junkies, there’s enough space to hold more than 4000 4K resolution video files. Granted that’s total overkill for most people but if you’re in a professional field that requires that much room on the go, the DataTraveler Ultimate GT is just what the doc ordered.

So how much does a luxury of a device like this cost? The DataTraveler Ultimate GT runs on Kingston’s website for $1650 for the 2TB model and $949.99 for the 1TB drive. Though your collective “hell nahs” may be warranted, remember this flash drive is meant for super enthusiasts and pros. However, if you’ve got the dough to comfortably get hands on one, it’s worth the purchase. Reducing the chance of a corrupted drive due to a bad drop or spill is something you’d want to invest in regardless. Even if it costs less than 1600 clams.