The Arrow Smart Kart Is The First Mobile Phone Controlled Go-Kart

Ride-on toys have been evolving at an incredible pace the past decade. They’ve went from the four-wheeled kick and push rides to full on vehicles with working headlights and stereo systems. One thing remains constant though, and that’s the safety hazards that come with the mixture of kids and anything they can ride on. The team at Actev Motors have made play time with ride-ons much safer with The Arrow Smart Kart. A smartphone enabled go-kart that can be controlled remotely to keep your favorite racer out of traffic and trouble.

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(Images courtesy of Actev Motors)

What’s so great about it? Imagine being able to set invisible barriers wherever you are. This is perfect for families in areas where cars and pedestrians often mix. If you don’t want little Brenda drag racing down the middle of a busy street, pull up the app (iOS and Android are supported) on your phone and block off that area as a space the kart can’t get to. It also works for distances as you can set how far the kart can go. Once your kid hits the invisible wall, the kart doesn’t come to a complete stop. It slows down to a snail’s pace and doesn’t pick up speed until its back into the free range zone. This keeps kids from being stuck in the middle of the street as they try to figure out how to get back on track.

Other features include:

WiFi and GPS connectivity
You can keep constant tabs on the young one.

A proximity sensor
Helps to avoid collisions.

A smart Lithium-Ion battery
The thing won’t explode when you’re recharging it.

An instant stop command
The panic button

Adjustable speed

While $600 is a bit much to justify a ride-on, you have to figure that a fully-loaded Ferrari toy will run you around $400 minus the peace of mind. Don’t worry, the extra bucks are a wise investment. If it makes you feel any better, the Arrow Smart Kart is still in pre-order status and will start to ship this summer. You have time to put in some extra hustle before it gets warm out.

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