Spotlight: Canndescent Is More Suit and Tie Than Tye and Dye

Regardless of the scientific studies available that debunk the myths around cannabis, many of the negative stereotypes remain untouched. Images of dirty hippies, natty dread-locked reggae dudes and beanie wearing burnouts are the typical. Although a lot of us are aware of the vast diversity of the cannabis community, some still hold tight to these caricatures like a toddler’s security blanket. Usually as a way to comfort themselves in blissful ignorance.

California-based Canndecent Virgin Flower is busting their buds to change the perception of cannabis users by targeting the less-often mentioned lux crowd. It’s for the folks who aren’t about just about getting high but who look to enjoy the full spectrum of what cannabis has to offer. Taste, quality, presentation and therapeutic value is what Canndecent is pushing opposed to gimmicks.

I had the pleasure to speak to Canndecent CEO, Adrian Sedlin about the evolution of the cannabis culture, the new era of cleaner produce and Canndecent’s awesome flip on how weed is named and categorized.

Why did you choose the name Canndescent Virgin Flower?
The company’s name is Canndescent, and we sell virgin cannabis flowers. We chose the name “Canndescent” as it communicates our goal and essence–projecting light and warmth to the world. We describe our products as virgin cannabis for several reasons. First, we sell unpollinated, female cannabis flowers, so, quite literally, the flowers are virgins.

Equally important, we use the term virgin cannabis to signify the many steps we take to nurture and protect our flowers from start to finish. These include, small grow rooms, dedicated strains by room, customizing environmentals by plant age, stem picking, long curing, slow drying, stem-trimming, and never touching the flower with human hands. These steps preserve the trichomes and loose resins for the customer. In addition, we pack our virgin flower in child-proof, glass jars with humidity packs to ensure quality and flower structure through the point of sale. These all add up to make Canndescent’s virgin cannabis experience phenomenal and special for the consumer.

How long ago did the idea of Canndescent come about and what sparked it?
We began working on Canndescent in May 2015. This said, our origin story starts with Randall Patten, the company’s Master Cultivator, who has been growing since 1993. In April 2015, Randall called his brother-in-law [me] and asked, “Will you buy me a building?” It turned out that Randall got much more than he asked for. He got Canndescent.

What are your thoughts on growers using outrageous names for their strains to get attention? For example, if I offered you a strain called Kim Kardashian’s Butt would you shake your head in disappointment?
We agree with the premise behind the question. Ultimately, the historical, stoner, too-cool-for-school subculture holds back the cannabis industry. For the industry to cross-over and appeal to a wider audience, products cannot have names like Gorilla Glue, Durban Poison or Alaskan Thunderfuck. Because of this, Canndescent created its 5 effects and strain numbering system.

We have “Calm”, “Cruise”, “Create”, “Connect”, and “Charge” and that turns into strain names like “Calm No. 101” or “Charge No. 505”. Simple numbering matched with the effect makes the category more user friendly and intuitive for the average person to navigate. Just like Apple decided you shouldn’t have to know MS-DOS to use a computer, you shouldn’t have to be a weed scientist to buy product. Using another company as an example, Google started with a simple premise asking, “What do you want to know?” Canndescent asks, “How do you want to feel?”

For more info on Canndescent, check out their website here!

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