Brackitz Showed Me That I Wasn’t As STEMy as I Thought


The focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in toys is big deal these days. Tons of products are out there to help our kids develop STEM skills and one of the stand-outs I happened to come across is the Brackitz playset. At first I thought sure, it’s just another building set of pieces I’ll be stepping on in the dark in a week or so. But after a few days watching the little captain play with them, it became clear that there was something to these new fangled Brackitz things.

If you’re thinking Brackitz is a Lego knock-off, think again. I see it as a compliment to your child’s existing skill building arsenal. As most block sets center around structure, Brackitz leans more towards basic movement mechanics. Parts swivel and bend at joints making kids concentrate on how angles work. Every part is designed to enforces free thinking.


When we poured the pieces out onto the floor, I wondered if my son would be at least a bit intimidated since they weren’t the typical block design. The flat sticks all have holes along the middle that take other pieces and then there’s pegs that go into those holes and rotate. It seemed like a lot for a 3 year-old to wrap his mind around but he jumped right in and started creating. So far, he’s made a helicopter, sword and a “laser rifle”. Honestly, he’s done more with this set than I could think of which is a great thing. On the Brackitz website, other builders share photos of their creations to give inspiration to others. We haven’t gone there yet but I bet as he gets more comfortable with his developing skills, the inspiration page will be a heavily used bookmark.


Brackitz are available now at their site here and Target retailers in a variety of sets to match your spending budget. Thumbs up for Brackitz they sure opened this dad’s eyes.

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