How Dr. Dabber’s Boost eRig Makes Dabbing Easier For Parents

It’s been said that one of the best ways to start a successful business is to take something that already exists and make it better. Such is the case with Dr. Dabber’s Boost eRig. It’s a device that does exactly what it’s supposed to do remarkably. For this review however, it isn’t so much on how great it performs but how well it fits into a parental environment.

One of the best features on the Boost is its ease of use. Personally, I’ve stayed away from dabbing because of the safety issues it presents. Butane torches, red hot nails, a curious little one and Murphy’s Law is the perfect recipe for a trip to the emergency room. Those factors are cut down drastically with Dr. Dabber’s Boost. Three clicks for the titanium nail and five for the ceramic and quartz nails. Each one worked performed excellently but my favorite was the quartz. The flavor of the concentrate is so clean and robust that I finally see why dabbing is such a popular way of consumption.

After clicking the appropriate amount of times for the chosen nail, it’s about a 25 second wait or until the color of the charging button changes. You then do your dab and in a minute or so, the Boost shuts down and begins to cool off. The included water attachment does a great job of cooling down the vapor for an amazing hit.

Since testing out the Dr. Dabber Boost, it’s slowly become my favorite for using concentrates. While I still love my Dipper for quick hits (and the Dip Whip makes it even more awesome), when I’ve got time to myself to indulge, the Boost is my favorite for concentrates.

There have been a few earlier complaints around the web about weak heating elements and the titanium nail being covered with a questionable teflon coating but Dr. Dabber has since fixed all of that. The company also as a “no questions asked” warranty policy to cover the battery and heating element. Bad news if you screw up the water attachment though. That’s not covered so be super careful when putting it on and taking it off.

Without a doubt, Dr. Dabber’s Boost eRig is a device that anyone can jump in and enjoy concentrates. There’s practically no learning curve for the exception of newbie flubs like using too much concentrate (you’re just wasting it) or taking too long to clean it. I can’t stress enough how important keeping the Boost clean is. After a few uses, I noticed a change in taste but after a good cleaning with some isopropyl alcohol and some additional H2O to flush the water attachment it was as good as new.

Dr. Dabber also sells replacement parts along with other water attachments for extra cooling and filtration. Some of the more elaborate water pieces were sold out at the time of this writing but hopefully, they’ll restock soon as I’ll be in the market for one for sure. If you have kids and don’t want to give up rig quality dabbing, this is the ticket.

The Boost runs for $112.95 and comes packaged with the unit, water attachment, micro USB cord, 2 silicone concentrate jars a keychain and stickers. It also comes in a steel case that holds everything you need to dab easily and safely.

For more info, check out the Dr. Dabber site and grab one while they’re in stock.

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