Bishoujo “Chucky” Pre-Orders Available In Time For Halloween


“Bishoujo”, the Japanese term for “beautiful girl” is one of the coolest staples in toy collecting. Designers take pre-existing characters and reinterpret them as well, beautiful girls.

Entertainment Earth has just announced that a bishoujo “Chucky” figure will be dropping mid 2017 and pre-orders have opened up. Check out how the designer flipped the signature “Good Guy” outfit with the rainbow shirt, stitched face and red sneakers. A clever way to capture the maniacal doll from the 1988 horror flick, Child’s Play.

Bishoujo Chucky is scheduled to ship in July 2017 for $74.99. Pre-order yours now by heading over to Entertainment Earth (affiliate link) and reserving it before they’re all gone.

childs-play-chucky-bishoujo-statue-kotobukiya-3 childs-play-chucky-bishoujo-statue-kotobukiya-2 childs-play-chucky-bishoujo-statue-kotobukiya-1 childs-play-chucky-bishoujo-illustration-shunya-yamashita-kotobukiya childs-play-bishoujo-statue-sneak-peek-kotobukiya


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