The world of video game simulators is fascinating to me. Past titles like the Sims franchise let players manipulate the lives of game characters and games like Flight Simulator and Elite Dangerous allowed people at any time, experience the skies and outer space. Since the earlier days, simulators have gotten incredibly diverse ranging from tilling the land in Farming Simulator (one of the top selling video games ever) to playing a goat on a mischievous rampage in the cult favorite Goat Simulator. Yes, sims are in an interesting place right now and Bee Simulator seems to fall right in line as game that entertains and educates. So when I got an email about it, I was eager to see what it was all about. 

Playing a humble bee, you are tasked with surviving the harsh life of the winged worker. That includes avoiding humans, pets and other bugs that may want to cut your life’s goal of serving the queen short. We get to see from the perspective of an individual bee the daily grind for food and protection. I’m all in!

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For now, check out the trailer and let me know what you think. After spending some time with Bee Simulator, I’ll post a review here so you’ll know if it’s the next title to have handy when the youngsters want to play on the PC or console.