AMD and 20th Century Fox Bring Alien: Covenent In Virtual Reality To Sotheby’s NYC

Witnessing the arrival of a chest buster from the perspective of an alien might seem like a gruesome experience in concept but it’s really not that bad. I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about what to expect from AMD and 20th Century Fox’ Alien Covenant in Utero but after seeing it I was more wowed by the detail that went into the scene instead. The nerd in me thought, “oh so that’s what it’s like.” Don’t get me wrong, there’s blood, a lot of blood but it’s the type of animated blood that you’ll find in video games. If you’re extremely squeamish, it could bother you but it won’t send you running to the toilet to puke.

Powered by AMD’s VR technology, Alienware computers (get it, Alien movie, Alienware?) and the Oculus virtual reality system, viewers are transported into the body of an unlucky space traveler about to birth an alien youngster the hard way. Originally produced as a promotional hooray to be shown in IMAX theaters during the Alien Covenant movie run, the VR experience was pulled from the film and recreated in full virtual reality awesomeness.

I saw Alien Covenant in Utero at The Art of VR exhibition at Sotheby’s in NYC but if you can’t make it (June 23 is the last day), Strap on your virtual reality goggles of choice and check it out over on the 20th Century Fox YouTube channel.