5 Useful Ways To Discreetly Hide Your 3Fap Device

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about the unmarked box you just got in the mail. We both know what it is but aside from us, it’s nobody else’s business. As one of the quirkiest adult toys on the market, the sucessfully indiegogo funded 3Fap has made a few headlines for being a versatile device catering to those looking for a full-on hardcore experience.

Since it’s self explanatory what to do with the 3Fap, I thought it would be fun to suggest a few options on how to discreetly hide it from prying, judgemental eyes. Here are five to get started. Just to let you guys know from the start, this is just for fun. You don’t want to do this with an actual 3Fap device as you’ll be sure to damage it. Don’t blame me if these methods suck (pun intended).

3Fap is available now at their website for 80 bucks.

A Decorative Vase 

Who could possibly mistake a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a super sex machine? Load your 3Fap with lovely rosebuds to brighten up your home office desk or for exhibitionists, put it on the window sill to let everyone one know your appreciation for all things natural.

An Aromatic Herb Garden

If you’ve taken the time to grow your own delicious herbs, it only makes sense to show them off with the elegance they deserve. Ram your fresh herbs into the 3Fap for a fresh new take on the organic lifestyle.

A Handy Office Supply Holder

Finally, you can keep the promise of sticking your work where the sun don’t shine. If you’re into scissoring, there’s space for a nice sharp pair. With tons of storage options, you’ll have plenty of space to put your wood. Pencils.

A Stylish Remote Caddy

The 3Fap and TV/media player remotes compliment each other well (for obvious reasons). You’ll always have the remote at arm’s length and any way to free a hand is a good one indeed.


 A Cool Kitchen Utensil Holder

Family barbecues will never be the same when you whip out your shiny new cookware. Displaying your tool of choice in a 3Fap will have the in-laws green with envy. Keep your cookware secure by cranking the 3Fap’s suction up to the disembowel setting and no one is getting away with your prized package.