10 Eighties Themed LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs I’d Like To See


Recently, LEGO announced the release of their latest expansion packs that pull at the heart strings of 80s kids everywhere. I last covered the news around their A-Team pack that featured Mr. T’s character B.A. Baracus and now we can add E.T., Gremlins, Back II the Future, The Goonies, Knight Rider and Beetlejuice to the list of throwbacks.

While all of these are a welcomed addition to the LEGO Dimensions universe, I can’t help but feel a bit greedy for more. I’ve brainstormed a few more 80s icons I’d love to see added in the future. Some a bit obscure but who cares, it’s not like the new 80s themed packs are for our kids anyway.

If you haven’t already, grab a LEGO Dimensions starter pack so you can see how fun it is to play as an adult. Oh yeah, the kids will enjoy it as well.


While there are rumors about a Voltron LEGO set in the works, It would be great to see the “defender of the universe” come to the Dimensions franchise. The lion clad, giant robot could chop down the bad guys with her Blazing Sword and do long-range attacks with her shuriken (which she barely used in the cartoon series). I don’t think we’d even have to bring up the pilots. Just give us Voltron and a couple of signature moves and it’ll be all good.

Roger Rabbit

With the Who Framed Roger Rabbit film already a classic and a mark of revolution in combining live-action and animation, Toontown’s favorite fall guy  would come as an expansion which would include Benny the Cab as a vehicle. Taking a trip back to Toontown would be a welcomed adventure I wouldn’t say needed. I’d just be happy for the ability to drive Benny around as he complained in his tough-guy, New York accent.


The twins of Eternia would get 80s kids absolutely pumped to see He Man and SheRa take on Skeletor, Evil Lyn and the rest of the baddie crew. Battlecat and Swift Wind would work perfectly as “vehicles” and there’s no telling what kind of LEGO-ized gadgets Man-At-Arms would come up with. Just do us a favor and keep Orko. He only got in the way.

Purple Rain (The Kid and his motorcycle)


As one of the most iconic people of the era, Prince and his motorcycle from the film Purple Rain would be awesome. Not really sure if Warner Bros. would ok it because of the whole recording masters thing but hey, we can dream right? Morris Day and Jerome (with mirror) is a sure sell!


The somewhat obscure sci-fi series came at the height of the home computing era when everyday folks began to adopt PCs and massive storage space was measured in megabytes. Automan juiced the trend with a computerized guy and his sidekick Cursor (cheesy, I know). What really made Automan the don was his car that could make 90 degree turns. Let’s see Automan and Cursor in the LEGO Dimensions universe ASAP.

Jem and the Holograms

This one is a no-brainer. I’d go as far as to make Jem and the Holograms it’s own team pack. Have the whole band in LEGO form and as a vehicle, use the band’s Rockin’ Roadster. That car is built like a tank and would look so cool as a LEGO vehicle that it would easily be display worthy. Something you’d might want to hide from the youngsters. I’m not sure how to fit Synergy into the fold though. Maybe have her as an unlockable in-game character to help navigate the adventure?

The Greatest American Hero

Flaws are one of the traits that make a great super hero and perhaps one of the most lovably flawed ever imagined was Ralph Hinkley in The Greatest American Hero. The teacher turned crime fighter brought so many laughs to us 80s kids and although there is a planned reboot of the series, I can’t help but imagine how cool it would be to see that red suit and curly afro in the LEGO Dimensions world. Trying to make him fly straight would be half the fun of playing and guiding Ralph through an episode to a win, most satisfying.


Lion-O and his squad of feline warriors being in LEGO Dimensions would be a must-get. Imagine being able to weave the likes of Cheetara, Panthro and Lion-O in and out of battle in a mission to stop Mumra from his usual hijinx. The Sword of Omens could not only slice through rocks and other obstacles but also highlight special items or give hints to get unstuck in certain areas. A full level pack would be most ideal for this one.


Sure, sure, Disney has the Tron license but the Infinity game is off the market so why not have Kevin Flynn and his lightcycle make an appearance in LEGO Dimensions. Our computerized protagonist would make great use of his identity disc as a weapon and having a trail of blue light trailing behind the bike would simply be insane. You have done awesome work already LEGO, let’s make this one a reality too!

Magnum P.I.

Who could ever forget Thomas Magnum’s signature mustache, Hawaiian shirts and Ferrari 308 GTS ? While I think we could all survive without Higgins and T.C., but the shirt and Ferrari is a definite.

Of course this list can go far beyond the ten suggestions listed here. If you can think of more, be sure to put them in the comments section below. Who knows, we just might get a few made into Lego Dimensions sets. Until then, happy brick building!

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